Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is located in the living area, above the television, as well as in the two upstairs bedrooms. Please ensure all Air Conditioning is turned off on check out.  Please do not use the air conditioning when lighting the fire as it will cause the fire to smoke.  Once the fire is going then you can use the air conditioning.  Please close all windows and doors when air-conditioning is active to ensure optimum cooling/heating and responsible energy use and turn off when leaving the property.


The closest ATM is located at the Broke Village Store.


Each bathroom is supplied with body wash, shampoo and conditioner for you to enjoy. Please do not use hair dye, spray tan or coloured products in any of the bathrooms as these will stain the tiles.

Batteries & Light globes

Spare batteries and light globes are located under the sink or in the dresser draw.


There is a gas BBQ area on the front verandah of the property. Please ensure that the gas is turned off after each use. BBQ tools are located in the kitchen drawers. Please clean the BBQ after use to avoid a $50 cleaning charge to your registration credit card.


All beds are made up with one summer blanket in the summer and a winter quilt in the winter.  There are spare blankets in the cupboards.

Books & Games

Please enjoy the board games and books provided. We do ask when they are returned that there is no damage and that the games are left complete.

Check Out

Check out is at 10:00am on weekdays, and 11:00am on weekends. Late checkout is permitted only when arranged prior to arrival.


Constant visual supervision of children is required at all times at this property. The abundance of native wildlife in the area can be a danger to children – please be vigilant.


Please leave the property in a similar state to its condition on arrival.  Cleaning.  Place all dishes in the dishwasher and turn this on and remove all garbage to the outside.  There may be a cleaning fee charged if extra cleaning is required.


Please use coasters and heat protectors for all drinks and food to protect the furniture, particularly the dining and coffee tables. They can be found on the dining table and coffee tables.

Day Visitors

This property is accommodation only. No functions or day guests are allowed at the property without prior consent of management. Additional charges are applicable for extra day visitors.


Please use the “On” button, followed by “Quick 45” and then press “start”. Dishwasher tablets are provided for you under the kitchen sink. Prior to Check out, please run a cycle with your dirty dishes to aid housekeeping.


Games are located in the cabinet in the Reading Room

Emergency Contact

In the case of an emergency (Fire, Ambulance or Police), please call 000. Our after hours office number is 0488 881100 so please leave a message and someone will call you back.

Features of the Area

The local Broke General Store sells most essentials and daily newspapers.  If you wish to use the tennis courts around the corner, the key can be collected from the General Store for $10 per hour.

Singleton is the largest nearby town (20 minute drive). It has a well stocked Woolworths Supermarket and butcher etc, Alternately; Cessnock is a 30 minute drive and has all the major Supermarkets.

We have one of the Hunters top restaurants on our doorstep, Margan and great alternatives are Nightingale restaurants and Mount Broke.  The contact numbers are Nightingales 02 6579 1499 or Margans on 02 6579 1372.. and Mt Broke on 02 6579 1314 

Fire Alarm

Should the fire alarm sound due to a fire please make use of the fire blanket and/or fire extinguisher, call 000 and quickly vacate the property. Should the fire alarm sound and there is no danger, press firmly the button located on the unit to mute devise.

Fire Extinguisher

There is a fire extinguisher located on the wall in the kitchen.


Apart from the BBQ, no outside fires are to be lit at the property at any time and under any circumstances.

Fire Places – for use from the 1st October until 30th April

Wood is available next to the fireplace for your use in the colder months, as well as matches, firelighters and newspaper. To start a fire, please use a fair amount of newspaper, with a few firelighters and kindling on top. Do not add larger timber until the fire has taken hold. Please ensure also that the flue remains open at all times to avoid inside smoke inside the house.  Please ensure the fire grate is across the fire at all times and is closed before you retire for the night.  Extra firewood is located on the back verandah.


Please do not, under any circumstances, rearrange or move furniture throughout the property.  If our housekeeping team has to arrange to have furniture moved back into the original position there will be an additional  charge for this.

Gas – Hot Water

There are two 45kg gas bottles on the sidewall of the garage. One is “in use” and the other is full, ready for use.  If the gas runs out, please follow these steps:

  1. Switch off any appliance requiring gas
  2. Close the “in use” gas bottle valve
  3. Change the selector valve (tee piece between the bottles)
  4. Open the other gas bottle valve
  5. Resume using gas
  6. Please inform our staff on 0488 881100

The daily garbage should be taken to the end of the driveway and put into the appropriate bin (yellow lid – recycling, red lid – general waste). Please do not leave rubbish bags outside of the property, as this may attract pests.  Please ensure bins are taken out on to the road on a Sunday night for council collection.


Salt & pepper, tea, coffee and sugar are all provided for you. We also have a supply of cling film and foil. . Other groceries can be purchased from Broke Village Store, which is open from 6am – 8pm. Broke Village Store is also a bottle shop, post office and take away shop. Phone 02 6579 1056.  The closest major supermarkets are located in either Singleton or Cessnock.


There are hairdryers provided in each of the bathrooms.

iPod/iPhone Dock

See Sound System

Internet Connection

Complimentary wireless internet access has been provided for your use. The code is bonnabbey1.


We advise checking that all doors and windows are locked before departure for tours or activities at any time.


We have provided tea, coffee and sugar and you should find plenty of dishwashing equipment, tablets for the dishwasher and garbage bags under the sink.


The laundry which is behind the doors in the main bathroom contains a washer and dryer for your convenience.


Additional linen for the day-bed in the library is in the wardrobe in the single bedroom in a plastic storage container.

Nespresso Coffee Machine

To use, ensure Machine is plugged in and switched on. Fill up the rear chamber with fresh water. Select your pod, lift the leaver at the front of the machine, pop in pod and push button to start. A few pods per person have been supplied to get you started – please feel free to pick up some extras if you are a coffee lover. Please DO NOT immerse the milk frother in water.


Please respect our neighbours and keep noise to a minimum; No music should be played outside of the house, and any noise must be kept to a minimum after 10.30pm. In the event of a disturbance or complaint we will attempt to contact the Primary Guest on the booking to request that the disturbance cease.  In the event that we are unable to reach the Primary Guest then a member of Management will visit the property at your cost.


Please feel free to park in the driveway and shut the gates if you wish. Please refrain from parking on the lawns as this will damage the irrigation system. The lawns are watered on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings from about 5am-9am. If you are staying on these nights please remove your car to outside the front gate.


This property is a pet-friendly property. However we do require they remain in the outdoor areas only and are not permitted on the indoor soft furnishings. Please clean up after your pet; Excessive amounts of pet hair or pet droppings can incur additional cleaning fees. The property has an enclosed yard, we do however suggest if when are your not onsite, to please tie up you pet securely in a shaded spot with water or better still, take them with you as you explore the Hunter Valley.

Power Outage

The power box is located on the wall of the house on the opposite side to the entrance.  There is a torch under the sink if needed. Please note if the power cuts out then the water pumps are also affected.


Please do not run the spa without water. Ensure that water level is over the jets as it will suck in air and stop working.  Do not submerge your head in the spa.


Sewerage is processed onsite in a septic system. Please do not flush sanitary pads, tampons or thick paper towels down the toilet. Please do not put coffee grinds, fats, oils or food products down the sink. Thank you for your co-operation!


All our Properties are no-smoking properties and are equipped with regulation smoke alarms.  Please do not discard butts ANYWHERE at the property including lawns and gardens. Odours in the property caused by smoking will attract an additional deodorising fee of $100. If you need to smoke you must do so outside. Discarding cigarette butts in a rural area has the potential to ignite fires.


The Hunter Valley does have Brown and Black snakes.  Should you see one on the property, or near the house please call 02 4991 2444 and a volunteer snake catcher will attend the property.  It is important for this service that you keep an eye on the location of the snake so they know where to find it.  Equally, your safety is of priority so please maintain a safe distance from the snake.

Sound System

The house is fitted with a Wireless Pioneer sound system.  You can connect your iPod, iPhone, iPad or android to play music. Only 1 device can be connected wirelessly to the sound system at a time.  Ensure your WiFi is set to “on” in your settings.  Push the input button on the front right of the system for 3 seconds, which will show up on your device XW-SMA1.  Connect to this and play your music and volume from your device.  PLEASE DO NOT TAKE OUTSIDE.


We have an Austar system which is paid TV.  The controls are on the coffee table and instructions. Please do not play around with the settings as we are in an area with difficult reception and they have been set to obtain best result.  We get digital reception so in bad weather the picture can break up in places.  This is normal.


There is a torch in the kitchen under the sink.


One towel is provided per guest per stay.


Please do not approach or feed the local wildlife, and drive carefully around local roads.  If you encounter any injured wildlife, please contact Wildlife Aid on the following telephone number 0447 667 737.

Windows and Doors

Please ensure that all windows and doors are closed AND locked upon departure and the Main Gate has been closed behind you.

Wine & Oils

Please enjoy the bottle of wine and twin pack of Pukara Estate products on the kitchen bench – it is our gift to you!